Company Profile

The demand for flexible workforce, especially in the manufacturing industry, is increasing. profile1_euro-dkProjects are decided at the last minute and a fast resource ramp-up is becoming a competitive factor. A growing lack of blue-collars drives salaries to a high level. Therefore, manpower supply from low-wage countries proves to be highly profitable.

The business model is to provide skilled workers for temporary jobs in medium to large-sized companies in Europe.

The key market focus are the companies needing temporary workers with welding skills for the construction and manufacturing industries located in European countries.

profile2_euro-dkWe offer the following:

1. Search and selection
2. Testing and recruitment
3. On-site management and quality control

Our search and selection is based upon the wide network of people who have been employed by us or are still working at different projects. This also means that we are able to find the right person with qualifications precisely meeting the work requirements.

For welding jobs, we test all our workers in our own welding center in Poland before sending them to a site.

We support our customers with all type of jobs e. g. quality inspection on site, on-site management, project support and project management.