Quality is one of our cornerstones. Over 300 certified welders and over 50 fitters, skilled supervisors and office staff all under a sharp eye of the management team make it possible to perform everyday work characterized by high intensity and short time-frames. Full control at every stage provides flexibility and good customization opportunities for new projects and tasks. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities for staff development and qualification. Workers’ experience in the industry makes our workforce best for your tasks.

Certified recruitment

We recruit from both Denmark and abroad. The countries of recruitment include Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia, where we find some hard-working and very competent employees. All the candidates take a “site test” to ensure high qualification of our employees. We have established our own welding test center in Poland, where all people are tested and certified before coming to a site. The TÜV Nord Institute carries out the necessary tests and issues the certificates in the countries, where we recruit.

Our workers’ skills are confirmed by the following certificates:

  • MAG 135/136/138
  • TIG certificate EN-ISO 9606-1 (Former EN287-1)

Or any other in accordance with customer’s demand as we provide our workers with new required certificates if a new project comes in, where some specific skills are required. This is a win-win situation, as Euro-DK gets the most skilled employees and can provide even better service to our customers. Our people are very flexible and competent for the projects we work with. That’s why we are very flexible in relation to our customers and can quickly adapt to their needs and possible new projects.

Euro-DK treats its employees as a vital asset and ensures they are always updated with the new knowledge about the industry development, new welding techniques and new equipment. We keep up with the new developments in the industry and are always at the forefront of the new initiatives. As well as we work in compliance with local labor legislatures in all European countries.